Star Wars actor Adam Driver was very popular with the locals in this Kerry gym 7 years ago

Star Wars actor Adam Driver was very popular with the locals in this Kerry gym

When the Sith meets his fans.

In the event that you're the only person in the world that hasn't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, consider this to be a spoiler alert warning that's louder than the destruction that the Death Star inflicted on Alderaan.


Still with us or did you journey to the Dark Side?


As you could imagine, Kylo Ren must have a lot of pent-up aggression that he needs to burn off, we imagine that patricide can be a stressful thing. All this without even mentioning the fact that Supreme Leader Snoke is probably putting him through some Sith training as we speak.

Right now, the actor is filming in Kerry and it seems that his performance in Episode VIII will require him to be in decent shape.


Shane Finn is the owner of the WK Fitness and he had the Star Wars actor in his gym recently. Shane was chatting on Breakfast Republic and it appears that actor made a very strong impression with the locals.


Shane says that Driver was "one of the nicest guys I've had in here" and that some "American students nearly fell over with excitement" after they saw him.

Every morning, before leaving the gym, the Star Wars actor would shake hands with the entire staff and ask for recommendations on what's good to do/see/eat in the area.


Driver even gave the gym owners a signed t-shirt as a gift.


If you're jealous that Star Wars is currently in Kerry then the following information won't help you, some of the people in the area actually ended up meeting the cast in Dick Mac's pub.

Have a listen.