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30th Nov 2022

Starbucks worker breaks down in tears after they’re scheduled to work 8 hours


Many on social media had sympathy for the Starbucks employee.

A Starbucks barista has shared a video of themselves crying because of their working hours.

The clip shows the employee sharing their thoughts on management and rude customers, but it was what the person said about their schedule that prompted a reaction online.

The barista — who is also a student — said that a 25-hour week and 8-hour shifts during the weekend were too much for them to handle.

In the video – shared on Twitter by far-right Trump supporter Sebastian Gorka – they said: “I’m a full time student, I get scheduled for 25 hours a week. And then on weekends, they scheduled me the entire day, open to close, that one’s scheduled for eight and half hours, both Saturday and Sunday.

“I’m three and a half hours into my shift. There’s so many customers and we have four people on the floor all day. Only five people were put on schedule and somebody had to call out.”

They went on to say that the managers “don’t care about us” and “don’t want to help us,” claiming that their manager had taken himself off the shift because he didn’t want to come in.

The barista went on to say that customers were being rude and misgendering them, and finished by saying: “I don’t get accommodations for being neurodivergent, people get mad at me for having too much sick time. I don’t even know what to do anymore, I’m at my wits end with this job.”

Getting a degree is incredibly expensive in the US so many students are forced to work part time during their time at university to fund their studies.

Many had sympathy for the worker, with one person pointing out that on top of uni work the student would end up with 70 hour week.

Another said: “He’s crying about being understaffed and working two weekend days in a row, with a manager taking no responsibility for the understaffing, and not working with them on the floor. Common practise in coffee shops. One might see it as being exploitation to a degree.”

A third tweeted: “People in the comments defending bad work environment and abuse because they were abused too.”

And, criticising those attacking the barista, a fourth added: “This is why everyone hates the older generation because y’all will say you want the best for our generations and then when we want it to be better y’all whine about how you had it worse and essentially say we deserve the same. I will never understand why you wouldn’t want better.”

Others simply pointed out the embarrassing typo made by the Gorka, who has a number of ties to the alt-right.

Last week, a worker at another major chain went viral on TikTok after they decided to quit their McDonald’s job because they were asked to do a load of washing up.

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