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31st Jul 2018

New poll reveals a shockingly high number of Irish workers have had their lunches stolen in the office

Rory Cashin

Trust no one.

Like most things in life, there is a Simpsons or Friends quote that perfectly matches every news story, and today, Friends is the provider:

Clip via Comedy Central UK

The folks at Deliveroo For Business polled the Irish workforce about how many of them have been the victims of Grand Theft Lunch, and the numbers are shockingly high, forever proving that just because you work side-by-side with these people eight hours a day, that doesn’t automatically mean you can trust them.

56% of those polled have had their food, drink or snacks stolen within the last year, with 74% believing they know who the lunch-burglar is, and almost four out of every ten employees no longer bringing food with them into work for this very reason.

Juan Diego, a spokesperson for Deliveroo For Business said: “There is nothing more disappointing and enraging than working hard for elevenses, lunch or an afternoon snack only to discover that it has been swiped by an office thief.

“Irish office workers rightly take lunch seriously for nutritional and of course treat purposes.”

Of the 74% of workers who are convinced they know who the culprit is, the breakdown of the suspects are as follows:

A fellow colleague in the office – 49%

A work experience person – 15%

Someone in accounts – 14%

Someone in IT – 13%

The office junior – 12%

Next desk neighbour – 11%

CEO – 8%

MD – 7%

Yes, even your boss’s boss’s boss could be the villainous thief!

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out nowhere in your office is actually safe. While 47% of the snatched food and drink is normaly from the fridge, and another 23% going missing from the communal office cupboards.

It gets worse: a whole 19% say they’ve had food taken from their desktops, and another 11% have had snacks and lunches taken out of their desk drawers!

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: TRUST. NO. ONE.

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