Strapped for time? Try this new online styling service for size 9 years ago

Strapped for time? Try this new online styling service for size

Irish men who have difficulties with style or simply don't have the time to shop will be interested with the service provided by this company.

Picture the scene, you are heading out with some friends and the moment of panic sets in when you realise that the night out might require some sartorial effort. Your old Levi's and Nike t-shirt matched with your Doc Marten shoes are probably not going to win you any style awards. You'd like to hit the shops and get some new gear, but you don't have the time because of work. This is where a service provided by Enclothed could be right up your street.



Enclothed have developed an efficient solution that makes it easy to get great clothes in a hassle free way. Ultimately they are an online personal shopping service for men. How it works is you sign up to the service, input your size, style and preferences. Their algorithm turns this into a profile of you for their stylists who then hand-pick a selection of clothing or outfits, pack them in this nice box (pic above) and deliver it to your door. You try this all on in the comfort of your home or office, whatever you like you keep, whatever you don’t you simply put back in the box and they collect it.


Not only do you receive some very stylish clothes to pick from, but you get a personalised note (pic below) from the stylist which is a nice touch. I received a box of style (pic above) from Enclothed and couldn't make up my mind on what to keep and what to return. The picture doesn't do the array of choice much justice are there are tons of clothes underneath the ones on view in the pic. Needless to say, I will be amongst the best dressed men on the Irish comedy circuit for quite some time now.



It's worth noting too that when you return the clothes you don't want, Enclothed keep a note of what you didn't like and each delivery after that might be closer to what you are looking for. It should get to the stage where you want everything in the box.

Enclothed are based in London and they seem to have had plenty of success in the UK and are now branching into the Irish market.. It could just be what the busy Irish man looking for style inspiration needs. You can visit the website and sign up commitment-free right here.