Study proves that living near a pub makes you happier 4 years ago

Study proves that living near a pub makes you happier

We'll drink to this.

If you're debating about moving into a new home with your partner then this piece of research that was conducted by Oxford University is of the utmost importance.

They've discovered that people who live nearby pubs tend to be significantly happier but that's not the only perk of moving within a stones throw of your local boozer.

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The study also showed that people who visit the pub more often tend to have more friends, better social skills, and are more likely to drink in moderation.

Did you hear that? Science has just given you a perfectly legitimate reason to go to the pub..if you needed one!

Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford University - a massive sauce warrior-  says that the “friendship and community” that's created from trips to your local pub is far more beneficial to an individuals mental health, especially when compared to any conversations that are conducted via social media or WhatsApp.

Tell this to your friend that's constantly on their phone but always cancels plans to meet up over the weekend.
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The research also gives weight to the belief that those pubs that are smaller and more rural tend to be friendlier than others. "Researchers noted that in small community pubs, patrons are allowed to bond with drinking companions and meet new people".

Then again, it's hard not to make friends with people in a small bar - especially if there's only 2 other people in the pub and their dog.

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There's even more benefits to making frequent visits to the pub though because the research also found that the smaller the pub, the less alcohol you consume and the longer your conversations.

Mmm, we're not too sure about that point but in the interest of science, we're off to the pub to test it out. Pint?