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As much as we all might hate to admit it, there are some sure-fire signals that your partner is cheating on you, and alarm bells go off whenever we see them.

While the old lipstick-on-the-collar thing never made a lot of sense to us (are women kissing your shirt?), stuff like leaving the room to text and lying about the people they were with and places they've been to are massive signifiers - either that or they're planning your surprise birthday party.

According to a study titled Human Female Orgasm as Evolved Signal (catchy!), a big one to look out for is women who fake orgasms during sex.

The people behind the study talking to over 250 men and women who were currently in heterosexual relationships and asked them about their sex lives, their previous infidelities and the frequency (and reality) of their orgasms.

It turns out there was a very large connection in women who faked their orgasms and then went on to cheat on their partners.

Oddly, those women who weren't having orgasms but also weren't faking them were no more likely to cheat than those having plenty of orgasms, so it was mainly just the ladies who faked it who ended up with the wandering eye.

Sex experts have tips on how to have a much better sex life with your current partner, and unsurprisingly the number one tip? Communication.

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