Style Icon: Christopher Walken 8 years ago

Style Icon: Christopher Walken

More than just a style icon, Christopher Walken is one of the most influential figures in popular culture

From Batman to James Bond to Fatboy Slim videos, Christopher Walken has starred in a wide range of projects, and while his iconic voice has been imitated many times, it has never matched.


There is, of course, a reason for his longevity, and part of it is that he oozes charisma, charm and style in an effortless way that suggests he doesn't so much put an outfit together as he commands his wardrobe.
Pictured here wearing a perfectly fitted suit and as intense behind the eyes as ever, he cuts an imposing figure, who would clearly own a room when he enters it. The pocket square adds some great detail to a simple look, without going overboard.

On the Set of
Pic via GQ

Pictured here is a younger Walken in 1965, wearing a layered look that wouldn't be out of place today, with a few small adjustments. Perhaps the piece of clothing that he's most identified with is the blazer, and while this one is brighter and more vibrant than many of his pieces, he pulls it off well.

walken details
Pic via Details


Walken also favours the turtleneck and blazer look, which adds an air of sophistication (like you could start discussing your favourite French philosopher at any point) without making you too formal. This look features in his latest ad campaign with Jack & Jones, showcasing their Autumn/Winter selection, where once again Walken looks like every inch the superstar.

If there was one main reason we chose to highlight Walken as our style icon, apart from his ability to stay timelessly cool, it's because we've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell.


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