Style Icon: Steve McQueen 7 years ago

Style Icon: Steve McQueen

One of the coolest men on the planet, there's no doubting that Steve McQueen's style is timeless

Known as the 'King of Cool', Steve McQueen is definitely a style icon who lived his life in the spotlight of the media and was gone all too soon, something which perhaps adds to his mystique.


McQueen As Bullitt

What can't be mistaken is his timeless style, and is something which every man should try to emulate. Whether wearing a three piece suit or a jeans and shirt combo, McQueen always looked the part thanks to the fact that he chose classic and simple pieces which fit perfectly, making him look like he's always in style.

His look is totally masculine, with iconic looks like denim and leather jackets featuring pretty heavily, and stuff that would look good even with a bit of character when they've been heavily worn in.

He wore a lot of simple suede desert boots or classic Chelsea boots, which can go with anything from chinos to slacks and jeans, making them a great and versatile addition to your wardrobe. One of the main things to notice about McQueen's choices are that they are so simple. There are no glaring logos and out there colour choices, he stick to what shades suit him with plenty of blues and darker shades. No coincidence that James Bond himself Daniel Craig is definitely influenced by McQueen.

Steve McQueen style 2

With the winter coming in, a good chunky knit will also be a key part of any of our Autumn/Winter outfits, if for nothing else than to keep us warm. You can also go for a look that's not only warm but stylish by pairing a shirt with a jumper and blazer, which gives . Check out the Jack and Jones Premium collection for a few great pieces along those lines, or if you want to go for a great knit, this Luton Cardigan from their Vintage collection is the perfect fit for these cold months.

McQueen With Jaguar


When it comes to work wear and suiting up, McQueen wasn't found wanting in the style category either, with yet more of a focus on keeping with tradition for the perfect suit. Here, this three piece he wore in the Thomas Crowne Affiar is the epitome of style thanks to its fitted cut, and would look perfectly in style today just as much as it did thirty years ago.
Steve McQueen In 'The Thomas Crown Affair'

It also helps that he was able to wear shades a lot of the time in the nice California weather, so don't be afraid to follow suit with some classic aviators or wayfarer-style frames, they've been in style for the best part of the last fifty years, and we don't think they're going anywhere soon. Besides, you still need shades in the winter, it's the same sun up there as the one we see in the summer.

There's also nothing that says cool quite like the car chase from Bullitt, so sit back and enjoy Steve at his best.