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15th Sep 2019

Subset to open new exhibition on climate change in Dublin

Jade Hayden

“We hope this macro expression of the micro will give pause for thought.”

A new exhibition by Subset about climate change and humanity’s effect on the environment is opening up in Dublin soon.

‘Micro vs. Macro’ is described as a presentation on microplastics, a collection of works intended to bring awareness to the damning effects of climate change – and how so many of us have been wilfully blind to our own involvement.

Opening in Dublin’s RHA Gallery later this month, the exhibition will focus on creation and consumption, dwarfing the viewer using magnified imagery, pointing to the agency we have lost through the sheer size of the issue.

“The main artwork destabilizes the preconception that humans have control over what we create,” says the collective.

“The extent of the consequences of microplastics is widely unknown. With each technological advancement in pollution detection, our situation seems more and more hopeless.

“The repercussions are overlooked and now the problem can only be truly understood through a microscope. We hope this macro expression of the micro will give pause for thought.”

The exhibition will open as part of Subset’s wider project, ‘Climate’ – a selection works aiming to raise much needed awareness around the current climate catastrophe.

Following on from the success of the collective’s much loved David Attenborough mural, ‘Climate’ will include art pieces in Denver, Colorado at Crush Walls Festivals, as well as in Temple Bar.

The Temple Bar piece will feature on a prominent building, its scale intended to grab the attention of the viewer.

It is due to be unveiled at the end of October.

Subset’s ‘Micro vs. Macro’ exhibition opens in Dublin’s RHA Gallery on September 20 and runs until January 26, 2020.

You can find out more about the collective’s ‘Climate’ project here.

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