Subway launches giant six-foot Sub that feeds up to 25 people 2 years ago

Subway launches giant six-foot Sub that feeds up to 25 people

Fancy a long lunch?

Thursday 21 June marks the summer solstice. This occurs when a planet's rotational axis on either its Northern or Southern Hemisphere, is most greatly inclined toward the star that it orbits.


In other words, today is the longest day of the year.

And to celebrate, Subway have launched their longest Sub ever.

The Giant Sub feeds up to 25 people, and can be made with any combination of fillings.

The first ever Giant Sub to be made took two and a half hours, and featured 96 slices of salami, 96 slices of pepperoni, 64 slices of ham, 64 triangles of American-style cheese, 227 grams of onion and a hell of a lot more.

We think Homer Simpson sums up our feelings best right now.

Clip via Simpsons Best Moments


The Sub measures at a whopping six foot, which, to put in perspective, is eight inches taller than President Michael D. Higgins.

Subway are campaigning for everyone to enjoy a longer lunch, after a survey of 1,000 Irish people revealed that the average worker takes less than 30 minutes of their lunch hour, with only 15% taking the full 60 minute lunch break.

The Giant Sub is currently being trialled, and will soon be rolled out nationwide. Get it? Rolled out?

We'll get our coat.