Subway launches new footlong 'pig-in-blanket' sandwich 6 months ago

Subway launches new footlong 'pig-in-blanket' sandwich

Christmas is saved.

Pigs in blankets might not be as well-known a delicacy in Ireland as they are elsewhere, but you may well be aware of the dish, essentially sausages wrapped in crispy bacon that come out the oven.


Sometimes, nothing beats pork wrapped in even more pork.

Subway clearly concur with this factual statement, looking at their Christmas menu, which has today been unveiled.

The headline act of this menu is a pigs in blankets sub on tiger bread - also a new addition to the store. It is available in both six-inch and footlong sizes.

The sandwich comes drizzled in a southwest sauce and is fully customisable as a wrap or a salad. Though, I'm not sure why anyone would want to ruin pigs in blankets with green leaves, but each to their own.

On the sweeter side of things, the Chocolate Orange Cookie and Mince Pie Cookie have both returned by popular demand, as well as the Honeycomb Coffee and Hot Chocolate.

Subway's festive menu launches on Wednesday this week (11 November), and will be available for delivery or pick-up until the end of December.