The five must-have accessories for your suit and the easiest way to get them all to match 3 years ago

The five must-have accessories for your suit and the easiest way to get them all to match

Because sometimes even nailing the basics can be tough.

You've got the suit.


It fits, it's a nice colour, and you look good in it.

You've also got the shoes.

They fit, they match the suit, and they're comfortable enough to wear for the day.

So far, so good.


But you're far from done.

When it comes to wearing a suit, it is the little details that will make a big difference, which is where the accessories come in.

Specifically, five accessories, as the guys at Hidden Gent tell us: "Every man should have a good pair of socks, a good quality tie and hanky, and some nice cufflinks as well as a scarf that can be worn with any sort of coat."

You can, of course, scour the stores to find the socks that match the tie that match the hanky that match the cufflinks that match the scarf. Or, worse still, run the risk of them not matching at all. However, the Hidden Gent lads have put together a series of matching style boxes, and you just choose which style you prefer and they'll send them on to you.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but even if you only have one or two suits, completely switching up the colour palette and style of the accessories can make the entire look seem completely fresh, which is why the accessories are at times just as important as the suit itself.

"We had seen a couple of different companies offering men's accessories and the one thing we noticed was how plain and boring they were. We wanted to make boring colours a thing of the past and add a bit of colour to make you stand out for all of the right reasons."

"We believe that when you look good you get a new confidence that allows you to be the best you you can be. We want [everyone to be able] to stand tall and know that they look better by simply upgrading a few accessories and we want them to be able to do that at an affordable price."


If you're concerned that your suit might need specific help with matching accessories, you can also ask the chaps for help directly on their website - "There is nothing worse than having a tie that clashes with the suit you have. We would love to chat to anyone who is unsure about what colours might go well with their suits."