This Supermac's worker in Athlone had a lovely present for a regular customer 11 months ago

This Supermac's worker in Athlone had a lovely present for a regular customer

Give this man a raise!

Every now and then, we see a story that warms our cold little hearts just a little bit.

Eoin Mulligan from Athlone has been working for the past while in Supermac's in Athlone. Over the course of his time there, he's got to know a man named Francis, who's a regular customer of the establishment.

According to Eoin, Francis has brightened up many days in work for him through his infectious energy. Eoin decided he wanted to acknowledge the positive effect Francis has had on his life, by giving him a gift.

So he decided what better gift to get him, than a jersey of the team he loves, and he wrote this lovely message in a Facebook post explaining his gift.

This man's name is Francis.

He lives above where I work and comes down to me every day to talk about the beautiful club we both support.

Francis has aspergers syndrome on the autistic spectrum. He has a few habits like rubbing people's hair and asking women if there married. ?


He is always full of beans with a smile on his face. Over the last two years I have got to know him very well.

I admire Fracis because even though he has had alot go on in his life, He still carries around this infectious energy that makes you laugh and always brightens up my days at work.

Francis is a die hard Everton fan like myself. So i took it upon myself to give back to the person who has lightened up many a shift in work for me over the past 2 years.

Today I gave him the new Everton jersey with his favourite Everton player on the back
"Wayne Rooney"
To see the joy it brought him really made my day.

I hope more people can be compassionate towards him in the future.

Small gestures like this can really change someone's life. ?

He told me to tell you all "Up the toffess"
And that "He really wants us to sign Alexis Sanchez"

Us blues will always stick together no matter what.


Thanks to David O Gorman for selling me the jersey. It's gone to a good home.