A Supermac's worker reveals how to get extra food for free when you order 5 years ago

A Supermac's worker reveals how to get extra food for free when you order

Supermac's: a home-grown fast-food chain we can be proud of.

Founded in Ballinasloe, Galway in 1978, it's since expanded to more than 100 restaurants up and down the country.


Which is why news of how you can get extra few nuggets or an additional scoop of chips is to be warmly welcomed and celebrated.

Read carefully...

An Irish poster on Reddit earlier this month opened themselves up to the platform, encouraging users to submit their Supermac's queries.


"I work in Supermac's and I'd be interested to answer your hard-hitting questions..." they stated.

Naturally enough, a load of the resulting correspondence was take-the-piss in nature.

However, one particular submission definitely caught our eye:

"Often wondered if any restaurant/fast food staff: do you give extra portions of food/drink to people who are very nice and friendly to you? Extra portions as in a few extra sneaky chips."


The response: "Of course. If you're nice we might accidentally give you a large instead of a medium or an extra nugget or two."

It doesn't seem to be an isolated occurrence either. They followed up by emphasising that "we all" do it.

We suspect that your average Supermac's has seen all sorts of rude folk pass through its doors - so it really does pay to be nice.


In addition - when responding to the query "is there anything you wouldn't eat off the menu?" - they stated that they've "never been brave enough to venture down the curry-coleslaw-cheese route".

Probably a sensible choice.

"Was in my local macks yesterday and ordered a 99," began another interested party. "The guy told me that he couldn't put strawberry sauce on it cus it'd be too runny. Was he just lying to me or are you guys actually not allowed to put strawberry sauce on 99s?"

Answering, the Supermac's employee revealed: "He was lying. It is a bit runny but it's nothing a napkin can't solve. I often put sauce/sprinkles on 99s."

As for perks of the job; "my store offers us an €8 per shift food allowance which isn't deducted from our wages".


There you have it; we feel a lot more enlightened about the behind-the-scenes world of Supermac's... and also like we rather fancy a taco fries and nuggets bucket.