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22nd Dec 2017

This has surely been the most viewed video in the world over the last couple of days

Alan Loughnane

It’s easy to see why…

You’ve probably seen it pop up on your timeline over the past couple of days and if you haven’t, you must have been avoiding all forms of social media.

We’ve seen it happen in the movies, Daniel Craig made it look damn well graceful in Skyfall, but the reality of sliding down the middle of an escalator in the underground is far less glamorous as this poor, unfortunate fellow found out rather painfully.

23-year-old James Gower shared a video on his Twitter page on Thursday night, and it has since been shared around the world.

The video has since been viewed 14.4 million times on his tweet and uploaded by countless others to gather views: “Top night last night, but this has to be the highlight.”

The star of the video, Freddie Andrews told the Evening Standard: “I was that drunk – I’d had about 10 pints – the escalator was free and I thought, ‘why not?’

“It was faster than I thought it would have been. But as I was sliding I couldn’t stop myself and had no choice.

“I did regret it.”

“I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else though,” Andrews added.

For the love of God, get that man an ice pack… he’s going to need it.

Thankfully, despite his ill-advised slide, the only thing he seriously injured as his pride.

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