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12th Jan 2017

Survey reveals the most popular sex positions for men and women in Europe and the US


Does your favourite get a mention?

Sexual preference is not something many people are prepared to discuss in a setting like the watercooler in the office, but it’s an entirely different story when they can do so anonymously.

In an effort to discover “how imaginative sex can be” online medical site Dr. Ed surveyed over 2,000 people from the United Kingdom and the United States in a wide-ranging survey about bedroom habits, also providing information about how people like to knock boots on the continent.

The results showed that doggy style was the favourite position of the respondents, regardless of their sex or sexual orientation, with just over 35% of those surveyed selecting it ahead of missionary (22.5%) and cowgirl (19.4%).

The survey went into quite an amount of detail, illustrating the favourite position of respondents by country, the sexual position that those involved most wanted to try, where they got their ideas from and their biggest reservations about trying something new in the boudoir.

We’ve included some of the graphs from the survey below and you can check out the results in full here; something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of getting a little adventurous this weekend.

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