What is Sweet Bobby and why is everyone suddenly talking about? 2 years ago

What is Sweet Bobby and why is everyone suddenly talking about?

"How well do you know the person you love?"

Every so often, a podcast will burst through onto the radar of the general public and become one of those must-listens that absolutely everybody in the world seems to be tuning into simultaneously.


Previously, we've had the likes of Serial, In the Dark, Up and Vanished, My Favourite Murder, Dirty John and more besides, and now Sweet Bobby can comfortably rank alongside those.

The show is hosted by Alexi Mostrous, the three-time National Press Awards winning journalist formerly of the UK Times, while the producers, co-reporters and others behind the scenes on the project have all arrived from the likes of The Guardian, the New York Times, the BBC and the Economist.

For the uninitiated, the official synopsis for the series is as follows:

"Sweet Bobby is a live, multi-part investigation in search of one of the world’s most sophisticated catfishers. It’s a story about who we are online, and how social media can be weaponised as a tool of abuse and coercion."


As it initially describes itself, this is "a love story with death, lies and witness protection... but it is still a love story, until..."

The first episode arrived in late October, with the follow up episodes arriving weekly so far, with more to come. As each episode arrives, the popularity of the show has increased, with the twists and turns throughout the story so far having listeners (including this one) literally gasping throughout.

You should probably fully expect Hollywood and/or Netflix to chase after this for adaptation rights before too long, but for now, Sweet Bobby is available on pretty much every audio streaming platform out there, with the very first episode right here: