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18th Apr 2018

M&M’s chocolate spread (with crispy pieces) has finally made its way to Ireland

Denise Curtin


Hallelujah for M&M’s Chocolate Spread!

One of our favourite sweet shops in all the land, Candyland in Galway, is now selling the elusive M&M’s chocolate spread that you’ve probably seen surfacing online in the past five months.

We could not trace a place to buy the spread ANYWHERE bar Amazon for a million quid but now Asda in the UK are stocking the spread and Candyland have followed suit.

Better still? They’re selling it online.

Teasing an image on their Instagram they said: “Excited doesn’t describe it.”

This M&M’s crispy spread is made using real M&M’s with pieces of colourful crisped rice on top.

Perfect for spreading on toast, on a croissant, on a muffin, on pancakes or simply, with a spoon (which is probably what we’ll do).


The spread costs €5.95 and available to purchase online here.


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