Tayto Park forced to row back on reopening plans 7 months ago

Tayto Park forced to row back on reopening plans

Mr. Tayto will remain lonely for another while yet.

Tayto Park, the Tayto-themed theme park in Meath, has been forced to row back on its plans to reopen. Earlier today, the park had issued a statement saying that it would be ready to reopen by 18 June, and tickets became available for purchase on the Tayto Park website.


However, six hours later, the Ashbourne park was forced to climb down from this position.

In a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, Tayto Park said: "We were enthusiastic to reopen and welcome guests back to Tayto Park from the 18th of June, as we believed we were entitled to do, in line with all communications from all regulatory authorities over the past few days.

"However, on reviewing statutory regulations that were published late yesterday evening, 8 June, it is with regret that we will have to remain closed until regulations permit us to reopen Tayto Park."

Plans had originally allowed for Tayto Park to admit 1,450 entrants per day by 18 June. There is now no set date for the park's reopening.

The statement also noted that people who had bought tickets between both announcements would be "reimbursed in full."

Ray Coyle, the man behind Tayto Park, said: "We're terribly sorry, particularly given the huge excitement we received this morning from everyone.

"Myself and the entire team at Tayto Park look forward to welcoming everyone when regulations allow."