People in Sligo like their tea the strongest out of every county in Ireland 4 years ago

People in Sligo like their tea the strongest out of every county in Ireland

It was never in any doubt...

We really do love tea in Ireland. It's one of those stereotypes that you can't even get annoyed about because it's just so obviously true. We all know this.


But what you might not know is the exact breakdown of how each county likes their tea, on average...

According to a new survey by Lyon's Tea, Sligo people like their tea stronger than any other county in Ireland.

Carlow on the other hand, like their tea the weakest...



The survey also states that the good people of Longford like their tea the milkiest and take 10 teaspoons of milk on average. 10 teaspoons!

Kildare tea-drinkers are said to leave their teabag in their cuppa for the longest, at a whopping 3.5 minutes.

Where do they find the time?

The survey asked people to describe their perfect cup of tea, based on three factors: brew time, sugar and milk.


Bases on the results of the survey, each province was assigned a moniker for the type of tea drinker that resides within...

Leinster - The Average Joes

Munster - The Sweet Talkers

Ulster - The Milky Waheys


Connacht - The Dark and Stormy

Have a look at the survey in full here:


What do you think? Is the survey accurate? Or do you go against the stats?

For more information, you can head over to Lyons tea's official website here.