There is a Lovely Ladies Competition happening at Dublin TedFest, but with a twist 2 years ago

There is a Lovely Ladies Competition happening at Dublin TedFest, but with a twist

This is an absolute must for Father Ted fans.

Running from Saturday 31 March to Monday 2 April, there is a TedFest taking place in The Church Bar & Restuarant in Dublin, and some of the events they've got going on are pretty fantastic, including:

  • An attempt to set a world-record for the largest gathering of characters from Father Ted
  • A Father Ted Quiz, in association with stand-up comedian & Father Ted actor, Joe Rooney AKA Father Damo
  • Freak pointing
  • Loads of other stuff, too

However, one of the major events that really got our attention is the fact that they're throwing their own variation of The Lovely Ladies Competition, and they're looking for applicants.

Ten contestants will be judged by celebrity guest judges and experts, all of which will be overseen by MC on the night James Butler.

For your chance to be in with the chance to be crowned Dublin's Lovely Lady - which isn't gender specific, let us clarify, if you happen to be a guy who looks great in a frock, you've got just as much a chance as winning as anyone - then here is what you need to know.

The winning lady (or man in drag) will be judged on their ability to:

  • Iron a pair of trousers
  • Make a cup of teas in 30 seconds or less
  • Peel a spud
  • Balance an egg on a spoon while effortlessly sashaying around a series of traffic cones, in order to exhibit your perfect walking skills
  • Rap and/or sing a decade of The Rosary

The winner will not only get a great addition to their LinkedIn page, but they'll get to keep those peeled spuds and ironed trousers, as well as taking home a lovely crown and sash, and a €50 drinks tab to enjoy at The Church Bar that evening.

There's also a voucher for a lovely Thai meal with Niamh Connolly*.

If you reckon you've got what it takes, then all you need to do is email to be in with a chance.

Also, check out the official TedFest page for more details on the events happening at the end of the month.

*not guaranteed or legally binding