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15th Apr 2018

Some guy made a dance track out of the noises he heard in Tesco and it’s an absolute banger

Orlaith Condon

Tesco dance track

Good luck getting this out of your head.

We can’t tell if this is a total waste of time or total genius, but either way, it’s unlikely that you won’t be even a little impressed with this.

One man has spent a significant amount of time recording all the different noises he hears in the supermarket Tesco and has turned it into something unrecognisable.

From the till beeps to the voice on the self-service counters, Twitter user ‘Ben Suff Donk’ has remixed the sounds of Tesco and it’s pretty darn catchy.

“I made this song out of Tesco noises,” he announced alongside the video that has since gone viral.

The post has garnered a huge amount of attention with over 11,000 interactions and over 160,000 views on Twitter alone – and counting – in the two days since it was posted online.

The 39-second tune has been shared by thousands, though Ben himself wasn’t even all that sure about releasing the clip.

He took to Twitter again in the wake of viral fame to question his decision to put so much time into the project at all.

Well, we’re glad he did, even if just to make our next trip to the shops a little more exciting.

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