'What one man took away, a hundred men have rebuilt' 4 years ago

'What one man took away, a hundred men have rebuilt'

Life throws obstacles at us that at the time seem almost impossible to overcome. But, as we grow to learn, time is a great healer.

It is our strength and courage in dealing with certain situations that shape the people we become.


This next piece was submitted by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

*This first appeared over on Her.ie*

At 17, something was taken from me.

At a time when all my friends had 'done it' and I wondered if I ever would. It was taken, abruptly, unwillingly, forcefully, painfully. That frozen moment forever etched in my mind.

Unfortunately, this story is all too common for women. Mine is no more unique or special, just painful. Except for this part maybe - The men in my life.

My first love, who was so tender and loving and taught me how to trust, how to love, gave me back confidence in who I was. Who apologised for a man he did not know and despised.


The man who taught me sex was a wonderful thing, fun, passionate, enjoyable, special.

My male friends, who show me their raw and vulnerable selves and let me into their complex worlds.

The men I work with who treat me as their equal, who challenge me and work beside me with no sense of superiority.

The men who know Women can be their equal in the boardroom and the bedroom.

I am not the 17-year-old anymore, she is still in there but the men I know, I love, I trust have slowly restored my faith, my trust and my admiration. What one man took away, a hundred men have rebuilt and for that, I am forever grateful.


Your beauty and honour is all too often overshadowed by the stories of those that do not hold the same values

So, to my father, my brothers, my nephew (who I know will grow to be a great man) my friends, colleagues, those I laugh with, was bold with, got lost in conversations with, have achieved greatness with, who have held my hand and held my heart...

Thank you for being my equal.


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