The most illegal questions to be asked in any job interview have been revealed 6 years ago

The most illegal questions to be asked in any job interview have been revealed

Some big no-no's here.

Any job interview can be a nervous experience because the balance of power is always in the employers hands, unless you happen to be Stephen Hawking levels of smart, then you're grand.


Alan Smart

Most people will usually do some sort of trial interview in their head where they run down a list of questions like; 'what's your experience level', 'give me an example when you showed leadership' and 'who's your favourite member of Chumbawamba'. Standard.

There are certain questions however that any employer is legally not all allowed to ask and here they are.

Interview Step Brothers


We're going to list them here and provide a text-book answer. (Note : stupid questions like this deserve stupid answers)

Question : How old are you?
Answer : I don't know.

Ralph Wiggum

Question : Have you ever been arrested?
Answer: I need my lawyer.



Question: How is your health?
Answer : I'm actually a ghost. Boooooo!


Question: Are you married?
Answer : No but I am looking (wink, wink)



Question : What is your religion?
Answer : Jedi.


Question : What is your nationality?
Answer : To quote Frank Drebbin, 'I'm Dutch-Irish but my father was from Wales'.

Naked Gun


Question: Do you like to drink socially?
Answer : Only if you're buying! Pints?


Question : Have you ever used drugs in the past?
Answer: Are those my feet?


There you have it guys, if you ever get asked any of these in an interview then you have our permission to walk out with your head held high.

Hat Tip to Lifehacker