The most popular baby names for 2016 have been revealed 3 years ago

The most popular baby names for 2016 have been revealed

What's in a name?

Congratulations to any parents that have recently welcomed the lovely sound of pitter-patter (and crying!) into their lives, but for anyone that's currently expecting, we can only imagine that your head is absolutely melted with the ongoing discussions about potential baby names.

If you're one of those couples that are 100% committed to a particular name then good for you - we imagine that Robbie might be particularly popular with Irish parents given Mr Brady's heroics for Martin O'Neill's side during the summer - but if you're still looking for some inspiration, Baby Center is here to help.

They've released their global list of the most popular names for 2016 after collecting data from nearly 400,000 parents who shared their baby's name with the site in 2016.

Here's the list in full.

The most popular names for girls in 2016.

1 Sophia
2 Emma
3 Olivia
4 Ava
5 Mia
6 Isabella
7 Riley
8 Aria
9 Zoe
10 Charlotte
11 Lily
12 Layla
13 Amelia
14 Emily
15 Madelyn
16 Aubrey
17 Adalyn
18 Madison
19 Chloe
20 Harper

The most popular names for boys in 2016.

1 Jackson
2 Aiden
3 Lucas
4 Liam
5 Noah
6 Ethan
7 Mason
8 Caden
9 Oliver
10 Elijah
11 Grayson
12 Jacob
13 Michael
14 Benjamin
15 Carter
16 James
17 Jayden
18 Logan
19 Alexander
20 Caleb