The Pope's Harley Davidson is up for auction 9 years ago

The Pope's Harley Davidson is up for auction

Holy motorbike, Batman

We must admit that it's pretty hard to picture Pope Francis dressed head to toe in leather, a pair of shades on and the open road in front of him, as the wind blows through his papal mitre, listening to George Thorogood's 1982 classic hit 'Bad to the Bone'.


That's possibly because while all that stuff might never have happened, he does own a Harley Davidson, at least for the next few hours. The motorcycle was given to the Pope to mark the 110th anniversary of the iconic brand as a gift last year, but he has decided that, although it's a lovely machine, he'd rather sell it and give the money to charity.


The starting price is €12,000, but Bonhams expect that they will end up getting a whole lot more for it, with Ben Walker of the auction house telling Euronews that he's gotten more expressions of interest from all over the world in this particular motorbike than any other in his career to date.

The bike goes under the hammer tomorrow afternoon at the Grand Palais in Paris, but if you want to get your hands on it you'd better bring your chequebook, we thinks.