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20th Oct 2017

You can double your annual leave for 2018 with this simple life hack

Get planning now.

Cathy Donohue

We’re listening.

Apparently, there’s a way to double your annual leave in 2018 and it’s all down to when you book those much-anticipated days off.

By planning carefully and choosing strategic dates, you can score yourself a nice little break but you’ll want to get in before everyone else does.

The crucial dates are from December 23 to January 1 which means taking three days annual leave to be off for seven.

The chances of getting those dates aren’t always easy, especially if your colleagues have booked those dates off months in advance.

Because of the way Easter falls next year, if you book your annual leave around the bank holidays, you’ll ensure more time off together.

By booking from March 24 to April 8, you’ll have sixteen days off including weekends even though you’ll only have booked eight annual leave days off.

We can almost feel that spring sunshine and thanks to the below snap, we’ll be spending the rest of Friday destination planning.

That’s over two weeks thanks to those beautiful bank holidays and we have a funny feeling that Easter holiday requests are about to get very popular.

Similarly, if you take advantage of the August Bank Holiday, falling on August 27th, you’ll only have to take four annual leave days to be off for nine days, that’s if your working week is from Monday – Friday.

This particular holiday hack comes courtesy of Instant Offices and you can check them out in full here. Although a couple of dates differ with the UK having bank holidays on other dates, most of the tips shared work well for the Irish calendar too.