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19th Dec 2017

#TheJOEShow ‘Best of’ Special – Episode 34

Kymann Power

Welcome to Episode 34 of The JOE Show ‘Best of’ Special!

We take a look at all of the best bits from this year’s JOE Show:

  • Paddy McKenna’s obsession with Pintman Paddy Losty.
  • Will Ferrell struggles to pronounce Eoghan’s name.
  • We take a look at some of Shifts’ best sketches.
  • We also take a peek at some of our guest highlights from Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell to PJ Gallagher and Keith Barry.
  • We see what Kymann, Joe Gorman, and Dara Dynamite got up to throughout the year with What’s the Story?
  • There was a lot of music played over 33 episode of the JOE Show so Paddy and Eoghan look back at some of their favourite Magic Covers.


  • Paddy and Eoghan rewind to some of Justine Staffords best segments.

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