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17th Oct 2017

#TheJOEShow – Episode 25

Áine Leech

Welcome to Episode 25 of The JOE Show!

This one is full of good stuff like,

  • Can’t Cope Won’t Cope creator and writer Stefanie Preissner joins us in studio
  • Zali performs ‘Childish Gambino’ by Redbone for this week’s Magic Cover w/ Lynx,
  • Kymann and Dara are on the hunt for Dublin’s best burrito for ‘What’s the Story?’
  • Anyone else get Flat 7up prescribed by their Mammy? Shifts are at the doctor’s this week.

And and aaaand,

  •  The Audience spill their most embarrassing stories in this week’s Confessional Box.

LISTEN: You Must Be Jokin’ with Aideen McQueen – Faith healers, Coolock craic and Gigging as Gaeilge