Then vs now; what some of the world's most iconic landmarks used to look like 5 years ago

Then vs now; what some of the world's most iconic landmarks used to look like

Pillars of society.


Whether it's the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge or the "Welcome to Muff" sign in Donegal, one of the first things we do when we get to a new place is take a few snaps for social media of the local landmarks. Most of the world's most iconic sights only get better with age, as they stand out more when compared to the more minimalist creations of modern architecture.

Some of them lean, one or two have gotten a little bit cracked over the years, and a few of them have a bus stop spoiling their view. Standing strong throughout the years in the face of whatever else the world happens to throw at them, they look as good as ever. Just like Coca-Cola, these monuments only get better with age.

Golden Gate Bridge

If you went to San Fran and don't take at least 14 snaps of the Golden Gate Bridge, did you even go? There are few bridges that are as instantly recognisable, and it's been one of the first stops for visitors to the Californian city since its construction in 1937.



Sydney Opera House

Whenever most people think of Sydney, the image of the Opera House sitting next to the Harbour Bridge is what pops up into their head. A must for snap-happy tourists, the idea for the unique shape of the roof apparently came to the designer whilst he was eating an orange!




Tower Bridge

An iconic sight in the city of London for well over 100 years, Tower Bridge is just as beautiful now as it has always been. Just don't call it London Bridge!



Statue of Liberty

Contender for the most iconic landmark on earth. Lady Liberty has been making people crane their neck back since she first arrived from France in 1886.



Eiffel Tower

In fairness to the French, they know how to make something worthy of a photograph. The Eiffel Tower has stood through everything that's happened in the French capital since it was built in 1889. Mad to think it was originally only meant to be temporary!


The Custom House

Ah, Dublin does have its own beauts as well. The Custom House might not get the plaudits of the Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House, but it's always been a particularly gorgeous building.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

Here's an original idea, why not take a photo where it looks like you're trying to hold the tower up straight? In all seriousness though, the Leaning Tower still deservedly draws a huge amount of interest from visitors from all over the world.

Just like these iconic landmarks, Coca-Cola has remained timeless. No matter which Coke drink you go for, Original Coke or Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, it’s the same great tasting drink. Past or present; you can't go wrong.