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22nd Apr 2018

A therapist gives advice on how to tell your partner what you want in bed

Cathy Donohue

He recommends six words.

Let’s be real here, sex is different for everyone and what works for one person won’t be to someone else’s taste.

However, we’re open to tips that have been proven to make one’s sex life even better and the latest one comes expert approved.

Speaking to Women’s Health, therapist Ian Kerner acknowledges that being open and honest about what you want from your partner can get a tad awkward.

Sometimes, you just want him or her to read your mind but come on, it’s about time we got realistic on that front.

Ian Kerner says the best way to confront this awkwardness is to “blame it on your subconscious”.

Saying something like “I had a really sexy dream” is relaxed enough that you’re almost telling a story but you’re actually setting the scene for what you want to happen.

Ian says that by using this sentence, you’re letting your partner know that you’ve been fantasising about them and things are likely to happen naturally from there.

You can bring this up while in bed and watch sparks fly or send a text earlier in the day so when you get home, both of you are in the mood for getting intimate.

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