There are new laws for dog owners coming into effect this week 6 years ago

There are new laws for dog owners coming into effect this week

Fido has to be be microchipped and registered from Friday.

Your dog might be happy to roam free and pee in the back garden but you'll have to be gentle when breaking the news to them that they now require a government-approved certificate to show that they're chipped.


While we'd love to think that this new technology is akin to that awesome tracking device that was used Aliens, there's a more practical reason why the new rules are being introduced. The new laws mean that it's illegal to pass a dog onto another person, without the dog being microchipped.


There's less of chance of Fido getting lost in the future because the new measures should also make it easier for runaway dogs to be reunited with their owners. The regulations have also been introduced in an effort to reduce the amount of dogs that are roaming the streets and in the countryside.

They're so shifty.


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According to RTÉ, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney has welcomed the regulations.

"Widespread microchipping of all dogs brings a range of benefits including the protection of the welfare of dogs and assist with speedy identification of stray dogs and their owners. It will act as a deterrent for those who abandon dogs and assist in identifying marauding dogs and those that pose a threat to livestock or people."

Anyone that's found to be in breach of the new regulations will face a fine of up to €5,000.


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