These are the 10 worst habits a plane passenger can have 4 years ago

These are the 10 worst habits a plane passenger can have

If you do any of the above, chances are you annoy the hell out of other passengers...

There's no denying that flying on a plane can be uncomfortable experience at times, but it'll be a hell of a lot worse if you're sitting near someone who does any of the below things.

London City Airport conducted a survey of the worst habits a passenger can have and compiled the results.

Just a quick heads up, if you recline your seat back into someone's lap, you're officially the worst person in the world.

Infographic from London City Airport shows top ten worst habits of ‘plane strangers’ When taking a flight, many of us wait anxiously to see who we’re sitting next to, in case it’s someone who might try to strike up a conversation, complain a lot, or swear in front of the kids.  Are you considerate of your fellow passengers or do you recline your seat when the person behind you is trying to tuck into their in-flight meal?   ‘Plane strangers’ can be plain rude.  London City Airport surveyed passengers to find out the ten worst habits of plane strangers.  People who recline their seat came out on top, with 63% of respondents naming it amongst the worst habits.  Personal space is clearly important to us, as armrest hoggers were in second place, while people putting their feet through gaps between seats came in at number eight.  Fellow passengers being rude to cabin crew completes the top three, while hand luggage wars, unsurprisingly, also makes the top five.