10 things we miss most from our childhood 5 years ago

10 things we miss most from our childhood

Brought to you by New Club Zero Super Split. 

So many memories...


They were simpler times. Weeks seemed to go on for months and sweets made everything better. You had no responsibilities, no real worries and your biggest concern was trying to delay going to bed for as long as possible. "Just five more minutes!"

Here are a few other things that we miss from our formative years.

10. Asking truckers to beep their horn

things we miss most from our childhood


Hours of entertainment when you were a kid. There really was a lower threshold of boredom back then.

9. Super splits

Forget your dairy-free ice cream with ground pistachios or your fancy Dan flavours. This was the taste of your childhood. And then it went away... Luckily, Club Orange have brought out a limited edition zero sugar summertime drink so you can revisit your youth.


8. Renting a video for the night

things we miss most from our childhood

Sure, the quality was awful but renting a video was an event. Many a night ended in tears because a video got chewed up by the machine or because the video had been played so much that it was literally unwatchable.

7. Cartridge game consoles


things we miss most from our childhood

Remember those bitter SNES vs Megadrive arguments? Plus, loading only took a few seconds and any problem could be solved by taking the cartridge out and blowing on it.

6. Summer holidays

Endless days of doing nothing... Most of us have forgotten what that feels like, unless you had the sense to become a teacher. Was it just us or did the sun always shine back then as well.


5. Money was worth so much more

A tenner was a fortune and you were rich beyond your wildest dreams if you ever held a 50 quid note. Now you can spend 50 quid in a few hours and not know what you spent it on.

4. Christmas was magical

Simply. The. Greatest. Thing. Ever.

3. Laughing like a kid

When was the last time you laughed so hard that whatever you were drinking came out your nose? It used to happen twice a day when you were young. That should be the benchmark for all laughter.

2. Dinner on the table

We never knew how good we had it.

1. Old school cartoons

A golden age by any standard – Pokemon, Samurai Jack, Animaniacs, the X-Men, Gargoyles, Batman, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Pinky and the Brain, Rugrats, Captain Planet… the list goes on.

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Brought to you by new Club Zero Super Split.