Seven things that happen at every Irish summer BBQ 10 months ago

Seven things that happen at every Irish summer BBQ

Brought to you by M&S Ireland

It's grilling season...

Remember summer 2018, when we could actually plan a BBQ more than a few hours in advance? Yeah, all that did was make us forget our roots.

We've never really been blessed with a tropical climate, so every summer BBQ we do manage to have should be greatly appreciated. With the help of Marks & Spencer, who have launched their summer 2019 range, we want to delve into the phenomenon that is an Irish summer BBQ.

1. The big reveal

It must be nice living in a country where you can have BBQs year-round. In our neck of the woods, someone must be given the job of going into the shed to get the BBQ after likely 12 months of gathering dust.

This experience will certainly be made worse if it wasn't given a proper clean after it was used last year...

2. The big shop

As we've already said, BBQs aren't exactly all that common on the Emerald Isle. We make the most of it whenever we do get one, and you can be damn sure we put on a good party.

If you really want to wow everyone, you'll need to stock up on the crème de la crème of BBQ essentials (like the magnificent M&S spread below). We're talking everything from Best Ever Burgers and Rib eye steak to Houmous Swirls and the M&S Special Burger Sauce.

Don't worry about not having enough options for your grilling extravaganza either. With three items for €12 on selected M&S grill products, you're guaranteed to have a well-stocked fridge on the big day!

Irish summer BBQ

3. Dealing with the elements

Here's where our climate comes to our advantage. Most other nations would simply reschedule if their cookout fell on a rainy day, but not so in Ireland.

Rain, hail or shine, you'd better believe that grill is lighting up when we say it will. Even if that means holding a spatula in one hand and an umbrella in the other, it's this resilience that separates us from the rest.

4. The blow-ins

Is there anyone you can think of who you used to see a lot of, but barely do anymore? There's only one sure-fire way to get them to call over; light up the BBQ.

The smell of hot dogs and burgers sizzling away on the BBQ will make half the town come out of the woodwork...

5. Compromise

If Ireland wasn't made for BBQs, our gardens certainly weren't made to host them. Unless you're fortunate enough to have sufficient seating for all involved, you may have to sit your fully-grown uncle Peter on a plastic pink chair made for toddlers.

The joys of summer.

6. "I'll take one of everything"

In case we haven't made it clear, BBQs are kind of a big deal in Ireland. You're going to want to try everything, which isn't exactly easy when you don't have much table space and you're using a paper plate.

That said, there is ALWAYS one dish that nobody seems to want. Not that we're trying to suggest what kind of food it may be, but this GIF seems relevant here...

7. Every dog...

Of course this point is only relevant for those of us with dogs, but summertime is basically Christmas time for our furry friends. Whilst everyone else is busy trying to get a little bit of everything on their plate like we just mentioned, Rex is scanning the floor for the inevitable spillage.

In fairness, he deserves it for being such a certified Good Boy™ all year.

The M&S summer food offering from Marks & Spencer is available from all M&S food halls in Ireland. This year, Marks & Spencer is celebrating 40 years in Ireland and has everything you need to throw the ultimate BBQ. With 18 stores across the country, their summer has everything from Meatzzas and Rib eye Steak, to Houmous Swirls, Layered Tex Mex Dip, and the Best Ever Quiche. This isn't just any summer, it’s an M&S summer.

Brought to you by M&S Ireland