13 things that students really want for Christmas 5 years ago

13 things that students really want for Christmas

Brought to you by Alcatel. 

What's on an average student wishlist?


At the risk of sounding like a Spice Girls song, this is what students really, really want. Sure, expensive gadgets and cold, hard cash are always welcome but here are a few things that students would love to get for Christmas.

1. Sleep

Christmas exams and end of term parties take their toll. Hibernation is calling and you'll only start to feel human again after 24 hours of unbroken sleep.


2. For relatives to stop asking what your plans are

There’s no grand plan, no career map and no blueprint for world domination. Making it to the final exams without dropping out is the limit of your ambitions.

3. For your debts to magically go away


Debt forgiveness is a thing, right? Now, where do you sign?

4. A new flatmate


There’s always one flatmate that you’d happily trade in for a better model. If there isn’t, you could be that flatmate.

5. A time machine

Who knew that those classes you missed in the first half of the year would be so important?

6. To find the phone you lost on that ill-fated night out


Nothing cuts deeper than losing a really expensive phone. Especially if your only replacement is a prehistoric smartphone from 2013. If you need a powerful phone that won’t break the bank, Christmas is a great time to start dropping hints about the Alcatel A3 XL.

7. Some proper food

Anything that isn’t noodles is a welcome change at this stage. Just being able to eat something that isn’t a supermarket own brand is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

8. To go back to a nicer house

Christmas is all well and good but you have to go back to your student gaff at some point. You can only hope that the last person to leave emptied the bin.

9. Money

Being permanently skint is minus craic. At this point, you’re debating whether you really need a second kidney and spending every spare moment thinking up “get rich quick” schemes.

10. All your deadlines to be extended

Realistically, you'll still put them off until the night before they’re due but a few weeks with no stress would be lovely.

11. That machine from The Matrix

You know the machine that Neo uses to download knowledge directly into his brain? Imagine that, except you're downloading an entire year's coursework instead of kung fu. Sorted!

12. An end to early morning lectures

It's just inhumane.

13. Money

Seriously, we weren't joking about the money.

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Brought to you by Alcatel.