This heartbreaking letter from a child to their deceased father is so deeply moving 6 years ago

This heartbreaking letter from a child to their deceased father is so deeply moving

It's being shared everywhere as people search for this child.

A Christmas letter from a grief-stricken child that's searching for their deceased father is being shared all over the Internet as people actively search for its author.


The Dunfermline Press were the first publication to report on the story and they've already launched an appeal to discover who wrote the letter ( if you have any information).

The note was recently found in a field and it was attached to a balloon because the child thought that this would help it reach their father in heaven.

After reading this, it's clear to see why people taken such an active interest in this story.

In the letter, the child wrote:


"Hi dad, just writing you a letter to tell you I'm missing you and tell you news! I'm sure you know I'm in foster :( cause mom is sick and my ear is blocked from Monday. Tomorrow we're leaving. I really miss school and you. I know are up in heaven but are you safe? Oh ya before I go here's my dream and xmas list."

It continues: "My dream is for you my daddy to put a note under my pillow that you wrote. My xmas list: boots/studs, Astros, rebounder net, new Premier League ball, Real Madrid kit. Bye daddy I love you."


Within hours of this letter being published, thousands of people have been quick to share and support the Christmas letter in a bid find and contact the child.


Other people have also offered to buy some of the items that are on the child's Christmas list.

We sincerely hope that there's a happy ending to this heartbreaking story.