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We love to eat and socialise, apparently.

In a recent Slice of Ireland survey by JOE, we asked participants to list what they spend most of their disposable income on, those who took part could pick more than one answer, and the results didn't surprise us.

The thing that Irish people spend most of their money on is of course, food, which is understandable since we need it to survive.

67% of those surveyed said that this was their priority when it came to spending money.


Going out came in second, as 50% of participants said that nights out are where most of their money goes.

Concerts, cinemas and outings are obviously a priority to many people as entertainment came in third followed closely by travel.

Among all the people surveyed, women on average spent more on things like clothes, appearance, food and travel, while men spend more on going out, technology and entertainment.

Here is a full list of what people said they spend most of their disposable income on.


1. Food

2. Going out

3. Entertainment

4. Travel

5. Clothes

6. Savings

7. Appearance

8. Technology

9. Other

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