"It's different for a girl." - Guy tries to explain why he cheated, and the world takes his ex's side 4 years ago

"It's different for a girl." - Guy tries to explain why he cheated, and the world takes his ex's side

"Dig up, stupid!"

It's a sad fact of life that some people feel the need to cheat on their partners but for every untrustworthy man or woman, there's a person that's scorned and looking for some payback.


With an influx of 'micro-cheating' trends like 'phubbing' and 'firedooring', it's clear that some people think that monogamy is too cruel a rule (bonus points for any Friends fans that got that reference)

Anyway, aside from these 10 telltale signs that your partner is cheating and the various excuses provided, there's still the perverse pleasure in seeing the guilty party squirm.

For example, do you remember these priceless text messages that were exchanged between a man and his cheating fiancée over the course of five years?

On that note, Channel 5 has decided to conduct a little sociological experiment in their latest show, One Night with My Ex.


In their most recent episode, a couple was discussing the breakdown of their relationship. It turns out that the man, Joseph, was cheating on his girlfriend.

After being caught and dumped, the fella said that he's "well pissed" for being dumped and that his ex, a girl called Rosie, "blew it slightly out of proportion."

After discovering the truth, Rosie packed up all of his stuff and ended the relationship immediately.

Rather than apologise, Joseph decided to go on the offensive by accusing Rosie of "pissing" their relationship down the drain.


The whole segment is pretty revealing because he thinks that cheating shouldn't be a dealbreaker.

Since being aired, the clip has continued to go viral and it currently has 1.5 million views while encouraging plenty of online chat.



Joseph has also given his take on things.