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07th Jul 2024

This optical illusion tells you what your personality is based on what you see

Ryan Price

It’s really messing with people’s heads.

A new optical illusion has gone viral online and it’s driving people crazy.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by a user called Mia Yilin, the content creator says “lets do a fun personality test.”

@mia_yilin What’s the first thing you see in this picture? 🙃 #personalitytest #opticalillusion #entertainment #funfacts #trending #fyp #chinesewithmia #mia_yilin #motivation #fortune #wealth #relationship #LearnOnTikTok #psychology ♬ original sound – Mia Yilin

Then she asks: “What’s the first thing you see in the following picture?”

As far as our eyes can see, the image shows a fish made out of cloud in the centre of a vast, green valley with what appears to be three cable lines running across the bottom half of the picture.

Viewers are only given three seconds to observe the image.

Yilin then explains: “If you first saw the cloud, then although you may seem like a very brave and resilient person on the outside, you’re actually rather sensitive on the inside and are easily affected by words and actions of those around you.

“You hate the idea of settling for someone or something and have very high standards and goals.

“Your personality is so attractive and charismatic that people cannot help but be drawn to you,” she adds. “While you’re normally kind and friendly, you can be quite threatening in times of competition.”

Next, Yilin addresses the other possible perception.

“If you first saw the fish, then you have this mentality that since life is short, it should be lived to the fullest,” she says.

“Your time is the most valuable thing to you, so you hate wasting it on people and things that don’t deserve it.

“You’re very hard on yourself,” she continues. “And give 100 per cent whenever you do anything. That said, you’re also a major worrier and spend a lot of your time stressing about the unknown. You’re an extroverted introvert who prefers to spend time alone but can also become the life of the party when need be.”

Optical illusions are images that deceive or mislead our brains, exploiting how we process colour, light and patterns to trick us into seeing an image that differs from the reality of what is in front of us.

The internet has been awash with them in recent years, from the divisive ‘blue and black or white and gold dress’, or the spectacular and mind-boggling ‘underwater waterfall’ in the Indian Ocean.

This one, however, seems to have peaked people’s interest because of the retrospective aspect involved.

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