There were three big scratch card cash-outs from Lotto HQ today 6 years ago

There were three big scratch card cash-outs from Lotto HQ today

It could be you, and maybe it was.

Lotto HQ paid out three scratch card wins on Tuesday, coming to a grand total of €65,000.


A Kerry man, Liale Holland from Dingle, bought a €20 All Cash Extravaganza scratch card because he was feeling lucky and very lucky he was, as he multiplied the card's worth by one thousand.

The ticket was bought at Moran's Supermarket on Mail Road, Co. Kerry where the lucky winner was filling up his van with diesel.

As you would if you had just scratched three figures worth €20,000, he drove straight to Lotto headquarters in Dublin and kept the big money win to himself for a bit.

There was not only a big win in the south of the country, but there were also successful scratchers in the north and west.


One lucky punter collected a €25,000 prize on a €10 All Cash Spectacular scratch card, which was sold at Daly’s Newsagents in Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

Another €20,000 scratch card prize, meanwhile, was paid to a winner who purchased their winning €2 Money Multiplier 5X scratch card at the Londis store in Lifford in Donegal.

With the Lotto and Euromillions shortly upon us, here's hoping lady luck might shine on some of the rest of us.