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04th Feb 2017

Three important things every man should know by the time they turn 30

Joe Harrington

Wise words.

With age comes wisdom and a thread on Reddit this week wanted to tap into the most important knowledge men picked up during their 20s.

When you turn 30, you reflect a little and look back over the past few years to figure what you’ve learned and what you might do differently.

The Ask Reddit thread asked the men on their site, What were the most important things you learned in your 20s? and the response was phenomenal with lots of great advice and observations.

However, Reddit user Stellarific‘s post was by far the most popular on the thread because they offered three pieces of wisdom that most guys in their 30s would agree with 100%.

  1. “No one cares about you – In the sense that you don’t need to worry about what others think or say about you, because everyone’s going through life in their own way. Do your thing, the way you want to, and I promise you no one will judge.”

  2. “If you want to do something then just do it. Future you will be happy you did, and you won’t live with regret. Your 20s are a good time to take risks while your responsibilities are not too high.”

  3. “Get in the habit of being healthy and exercising. Again, future you will thank you.”

If you can take those on board in your 20s, you should be in good shape by the time you reach 30.

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