Tickets for TedFest 2020 are now on sale and we're all going to heaven lads, wahey 3 years ago

Tickets for TedFest 2020 are now on sale and we're all going to heaven lads, wahey

It's Ireland's biggest Father Ted festival, I understand. Grab your mates that fancy a trip...

As Father Ted Crilly famously told us, it's very easy to get to Craggy Island.


"Oh no, it wouldn't be on any maps. We're not exactly New York! No, the best way to find it is to head out from Galway and go slightly north until you see the English boats with the nuclear symbol. The go very close to the island when dumping the old 'glow-in-the-dark'," he said.

After landing on the most famous island in Ireland, you should see the welcoming face of Tom.

What a man.

Anyway, if four days of Father Ted-inspired craic sounds like your version of heaven, you'll be delighted to know that tickets for TedFest 2020 are now on sale.


Our interest has been raised too.


From Thursday, 20 February until Sunday, 23 February, visitors will be happier than Father Barty Dunne as get to enjoy all the ecumenical craic that Craggy Island - sometimes known as Inis Mor - has to offer.

For those interested, we're reliably told that Craggy Island International Airport has regular transit links to downtown Kilronan and that all accommodation on the island has been set aside for Tedfest ticket holders.


There's no need to rig a raffle to raise funds because tickets for Tedfest cost €155 plus €3.50 in booking fee.

A ticket includes entry to all the Tedfest venues and events, none of which are open to the general public, plus you will receive a list of accommodation on the island and the PIN number that's required to book your home for the weekend.

Tickets do not include: transport, accommodation, food, drink (more drink! Wahey!), and cocaine - nope, sorry. I mean raisins!

We're all going to heaven, lads. Wahey! But before we go to heaven, a trip to TedFest might be in order.


While the official itinerary for TedFest 2020 hasn't been announced yet, a quick look at last year's event provides a small taste of the madness that's in store.

FedFest 2019 saw the annual Lovely Girls Competition take place, Ted's Got Talent, the Father Ted Prizeless Quiz, the Craggy Cup, a virtual confession box, Buckaroo, priests v nuns beach volleyball, charades, and a Jesuit country & western hour.

Of course, there's also going to be dancing because after all, prayer isn't the only way to praise God.

For those that are interested, ticket details can be found here.


There's no need to collect 10 crisp packets and send away your details because more information can be found here.

Arse biscuits!