Time for an upgrade? Here's how you can get up to 50% off your next iPhone 2 years ago

Time for an upgrade? Here's how you can get up to 50% off your next iPhone

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You won't want to miss these deals...


If your phone is nearing the end of its life cycle and you think an upgrade might be overdue, the Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity to pick yourself up a new, sleeker model.

And if you're looking for the most affordable, sustainable way to pick yourself up a more modern device without breaking the bank, we've got just the thing...

Swappie are running some amazing Black Friday deals on a huge range of refurbished iPhones, including the iPhone 8, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro.

When you opt for a refurbished iPhone, you're already saving so much when compared to buying new, as they can be up to 50% more affordable than a brand new model.


But with Black Friday, you could stand to save even more as Swappie are offering up to 30% off for the duration of the sales, making this your most affordable upgrade yet.

These incredible deals are running throughout Black Friday week, from Monday 22 to Sunday 28 November, so there's still time to pick yourself up the latest device at a super affordable price.

Plus, you don't need to be worried that you're skipping out on quality for a more manageable price tag.


Swappie's refurbished iPhones are all high-quality and super reliable, and they've been throughly tested before being sold. Plus, you'll get a 12-month Swappie warranty and 14-day return period for extra security.

And as well as saving a decent amount of cash, opting for a refurbished iPhone instead of a brand new model is also a much more sustainable way to upgrade your device.

If you're someone who's conscious of how many discarded smartphones can end up in the landfill, opting for a refurbished model from Swappie lets you do your part to combat all that unwanted electrical waste.

Intrigued? You can find out more about Swappie's Black Friday sales right here.


Visit https://swappie.com/ie/sales/ to find out about the latest Black Friday week discounts

Brought to you by Swappie