'Tindstagramming' is the frightening Tinder feature that you need to be aware of 4 years ago

'Tindstagramming' is the frightening Tinder feature that you need to be aware of

If you're on Tinder, beware of this.

It's no secret that the amount of information Tinder has about its users is slightly unsettling; according to this, the dating website could have 800 pages of information about you in their possession.


When signing up to a website like Tinder, you have the ability to activate your account using your Facebook and/or Instagram pages to set up your profile.

This helps you with the creation of your profile and being able to link the two saves you time on entering your information and pictures.

In later years, people were given the option to include their Instagram account in their Tinder biography.

Rejection is part and parcel of being on the dating site but apparently, people are manipulating the links between Tinder and Instagram to get talking to people who have clearly stated they are not interested.

This phenomenon is known as Tindstagramming.

According to news.com.au, In 2015, the app allowed people to link back to their Instagram accounts in a bid to show off more of their perfectly curated life which in turn gives Tinder users another window of opportunity.

When Instagram photos are added at the bottom of a profile, the person's username also appears and you can click straight into their account.


Of course, you don't need to follow that person on Instagram to be able to send them a direct message or 'DM' meaning people you have swiped no to, or who have even appeared to you as a suggestion on the dating app, can message you.

As shown in the article, people who have been swiped no to are using Tindstagramming to send abusive messages and to start unwanted conversations...