Tinder have revealed the jobs that get the most right swipes 3 years ago

Tinder have revealed the jobs that get the most right swipes

If you believe in this sort of thing...

Tinder has an estimated 50 million users worldwide and is one of the most popular dating apps in the world for people looking for relationships and... other stuff.


Figures last year from Ipsos MRBI show that 200,000 people in Ireland have a Tinder account with 50,000 of them use the app every single day.

However, increased competition means their once commanding share of the market is now divided up with the likes of Bumble and Plenty of Fish proving popular with people.

So maybe you're using Tinder regularly, and you're not getting the amount of matches or dates you were hoping for. Well, it seems like your job might have something to do with it.

So which job earned male Tinder users the most right swipes? Well, it seems the most desirable job among men is that of an interior designer. Maybe prospective partners want their man to have a keen sense of style in the home?

It turns out, being a nurse prompted the most right swipes for women, closely followed by dentists. Although doctors didn't make the cut.

The below list was compiled based on the occupations of US-based user profiles that have received the highest ratio of right swipes in 2018, but we imagine it's somewhat transferrable to this side of the Atlantic.


  1. Interior Designer
  2. Pilot
  3. Physician’s Assistant
  4. Lawyer
  5. PR / Communications
  6. Producer
  7. Visual Designer
  8. Model
  9. College / Graduate Student
  10. Engineer
  11. Veterinarian
  12. Teacher
  13. Chiropractor
  14. Firefighter / Paramedic
  15. Founder / Entrepreneur


  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Dentist
  3. Photographer
  4. College / Graduate Student
  5. Pharmacist
  6. Teacher
  7. Flight Attendant
  8. Founder / Entrepreneur
  9. Personal Trainer
  10. Waitress / Bartender
  11. Physical Therapist
  12. Journalist
  13. Makeup Artist
  14. Lawyer
  15. Marketing Manager