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WATCH: Toddler fist-bumping his way down the airplane is guaranteed to brighten your day
If this doesn't make you smile, then you're clearly some kind of robot.

For some, getting a plane isn't exactly a barrel of laughs.

If you don't straight-up have a fear of flying, then you've potentially got turbulence to deal with, or other passengers putting their feet up with their shoes off (GROSS! This isn't you house, Other Passenger!), and if you're in for any kind of long-haul flight, then you've already got the jet-lag to look forward to.

All in all, for some, plane travel just isn't their bag.

However, even if you don't particularly mind getting on flight for a few hours, and actually look forward to watching a few in-flight movies and checking out what the in-flight meal might be and actually getting to know your sky-bound neighbour, you'll still appreciate this kid and his instant mood-enhancing way of boarding the flight.

He pretty much just wanders down the aisle, and fist-bumps every passenger who crosses paths with, and even watching the footage you can tell that this little kid has infinitely improved everyone's mood on board.

Clip via CNN International


Good for you, little kid!

But we're also a little bit jealous that if we attempted this, we'd just get odd looks from everyone and probably asked to get off the plane by the air-stewards.

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