Tomorrow is National Stay At Home And Don’t Go To Work Day 4 years ago

Tomorrow is National Stay At Home And Don’t Go To Work Day

Tell your boss.

It is nearly the end of the week. We're also close to the end of the month too, which means that it's probably payday for a lot of you.


Even after all of that, if you still can’t face going into work tomorrow, then we have some good news for you because 30 November is 'Stay Home Because You’re Well Day.'

And what is 'Stay Home Because You’re Well Day', we hear you ask?

Well, it is a day where people are encouraged to stay at home from work as if they were ill, but actually they are not ill, they are just sitting at home watching The Chase and The Chase.

At this point, we should say that Stay Home Because You’re Well Day is not a legal bank holiday, or endorsed by any government body. So if you do choose not to go into work tomorrow and get a written warning or the sack, don't blame us.


This being said, maybe your boss is sound and they'll let you away with it.

According to Days Of The Year, the day was started by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays and Herbs (whose website is an utterly delightful throwback to the days of the internet 1.0).

The day was created in the hope that “we can all call in “well,” instead of faking illness, and stay home from work.”

They add that: "The point of this holiday is to take a moment to just slow down and enjoy life," Days of the Year elaborates, "Seeing as how it has become so very hectic over the recent years, what with the endless barrage of phone calls, text messages, emails, voicemails, etc. that we are faced with on an everyday basis".


Ok, we kind of get it.

Modern life and capitalism is slowly killing us but we can't imagine many bosses falling for it.

On the other hand though, we're still only on chapter 2 of Red Dead Redemption 2.....