WATCH: Tony McGregor has posted yet another amazing video online 5 years ago

WATCH: Tony McGregor has posted yet another amazing video online

"Currently on board the 188 travelling at 28 knots."

Tony McGregor and his unique turns of phrase have been circulating the internet the past week following the uploading of an outrageous video which sees McGregor go on a fantastic rant about being "none-too-plussed" with the DART system of Dublin.


"When I got to Lansdowne Road station I tendered a brand new crisp €20 note into the automatic machine looking for a single ticket to Dún Laoghaire," he says in the minute-long clip.

"They had the bloody cheek to give me back coinage. €17.30 and a miserable little one-way ticket. They gave me all that coinage.

"I have no room to put those coins anywhere," he lamented.

"I wear a slim-fit, hand-fitted Hugo Boss suit."


The father of MMA champion Conor McGregor has once again taken to the internet to share words of wisdom this week, as he's seen steering "The 188" from Dún Laoghaire port to the Isle of Man.

The yacht, which was purchased by Notorious back in 2017, was famously called "The 188" after the weekly dole benefits he once received of €188.

The dapper 58-year-old is seen in a crisp white and blue striped shirt, unbuttoned to the naval and billowing in the wind. The water behind him looks practically Meditteranean as he sails full steam ahead across the Irish Sea.

It's worth noting that McGregor looks comfortable behind the wheel, as this is far from his first rodeo when it comes to sailing.


Back in January, the former taxi driver turned wedding celebrant was offered a seat in the Allblack Powerboat Racing crew, who are hoping to break 11 speed and distance records over three years.

Following the distribution of McGregor Snr's first video, a GoFundMe campaign was launched in order to provide him with a Leap Card, as to not put creases in his slim-fit rigout.

And while viewers are simply loving the footage, it seems that no one is entirely sure whether the Liverpool-born Dubliner's recent videos are entirely serious or just one big piss-take.

Well, it looks like Notorious didn't lick it off the ground...