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26th May 2017

Here are the top ten countries voted to have the best food in the world

Rory Cashin

This might cause the biggest argument this side of “Where in Dublin does the best chicken wings?”

Just where in the world do you reckon has the tastiest food?

Now, keep in mind that just because you love your local’s 3-in-1 does not mean that China has the best food, because you could travel over to Beijing and find it quite difficult to find chips and rice covered in curry sauce, all inside a handy foil container.

You could send professional food tasters all around the world and perform science and other witchcraft to find an answer, but this really a question for the people, so that’s exactly what the folk at Ranker did, and over 268,000 votes later, we’ve got a top ten.

Before we go in, let’s break some hearts: Ireland came 32nd, England came 24th, Wales came 19th and Scotland came 14th

Even the USA didn’t crack the top 10, ranking 12th just behind Vietnam.

And if you’re interested, the bottom ten, kicking off with the absolute worst (according to this poll, remember!), are the Isle Of Man, Togo, Lithuania, Madagascar, The Ivory Coast, South Korea, Tunisia, Bhutan, Moldova and the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Now, on to the top ten:

10. Germany

9. China

8. Thailand

7. Mexico

6. Greece

5. Japan

4. Spain

3. India

2. France

1. Italy

So with five of the top ten coming from Europe, we don’t have far to travel for some of the best food in the world.

And it’s good to see that the world’s love of pizza isn’t going anywhere soon!

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